In a constant concern for freshness and quality, the Chef prepares the desserts every morning!

He changes the menu according to the seasons and his desires!

Ask for the desserts of the day.

Orange cake

On order only, without butter or oil.

The share 6.50€

Apple pie, Pink pralines, On a puff pastry dough. The share 6.50€

Tiramisu 6.50€

Tiramisu nutella 6.50€

Creme brulee 6.50€


Profiteroles 6.50€

Frozen tiramisu

Frozen tiramisu 6.50€


2 slices of cake

Sugar or nutella waffel

Chestnut cream mousse, yuzu insert, speculoos biscuit, 6.00€

Gourmet star with nutella,

For 3 to 4 people, 28.00€

on demand