Auvergne spring water 50cL 2.50€

Vichy Célestins (sparkling) 50cL 3.00€

Perrier (sparkling) 50cL 3.00€

San Pellegrino 50cL 3.00€

Badoit 50cL 3.00€

Sodas 3.00€


Coca-Cola Zéro

Coca-Cola Light

Coca-Cola Cherry


"Atelier du Malt" beers are distinguished by their personality which delicately underlines the aromas of malts and hops and highlights a subtle bitterness, very present but not excessive.

All beers are brewed from natural products, water, malts, hops, yeasts, no preservatives or added flavourings.

Several malts and several hops, from different origins, are selected and blended to obtain varied and harmonious aromas.

Beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized to save all aromas,

Belle Blonde 33cl 4.50€

“German” blonde style, with malty and spicy flavors 5.1°

Auvergne Pale Ale 33cl 4.50€

“American IPA” style, lemon and citrus flavors 6°

Dame Blanche 33cl 4.50€

White beer, tangy with slightly fruity notes.5.1°
 This beer got the "Fourquet d’argent" award in 201.

Couleur d’Automne 33cl 4.50€

Amber “Strong Ale” type, flavors of coffee, peppery hopping and sweet finish 6.3° This beer obtained the "Fourquet de bronze" award in 2020

Noire des Bois 33cl 4.50€

“Milk Stout” brown ale, flavors of roasted cereals and notes of coffee 5.2°

Leffe blonde 25cl 4.00€

Desperados 33 cl 4.50€

1664 25cl 4.00€

Cuvée du golf de St Tropez 17.50€

Founded in 1932, located at the entrance of the village, the "Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Grimaud" is one of the oldest companies in the city. Clinging to the hillsides overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the vineyard benefits from unique sunshine, beautiful maritime influences conducive to its development and essential for the quality of our rosés.

Cote de Provence rosé

Le fil rouge sur le bouchon rouge 13.50€

The winegrowers of the "Cave du Marmandais" present you wines of pleasure, fruity and enchanting. Merlot combines with Cabernets in a crisp, gourmet red wine, with notes of strawberry and blackcurrant, but it is also slightly spicy.

Ça s’arRose

Its beautiful color is pale pink, its nose is reminiscent of red fruits and its mouth is round and refreshing.